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Unfortunately, some vehicles do not come with a factory solution for monitoring your battery voltage - this kit offers a DIY way of achieving this! Perfect for camping, tailgating, or any other situation where you want to monitor your battery's health. 

This kit includes:

- Voltmeter with 3D-printed housing

- 3M dual-lock fasteners with adhesive backing, for adhesion to your windshield and voltmeter housing

- 1 "add-a-circuit" fuse adapter, with female spade connector end

- 70" of power wire with male spade connector on one end. Cut the other end to your preferred length, strip it, and connect to one terminal of your switch.

- 55" of power wire off of the voltmeter (cut to size to connect to the other terminal of your switch)

- 1 switch with two crimp-connect ring terminals



Windshield Mounted Voltmeter Kit